About me


I enjoy writing short stories in my mind that I rarely share with anyone.  When I do share them I get a kick out of the reactions of those I’ve trusted to receive my random stories. While I’ve always enjoyed writing, I have never given myself the space or time to pursue this thing that I enjoy. 

 I like writing and taking pictures so I am doing it.    

This space is called, "Five Frames - A mostly photo blog."  I am going to attempt to tell the stories of my travels and the things that I come across with only five photos.  Of course there will be other photos but hopefully the first five will be descriptive enough to tell the story.  It will definitely be a challenge. 

Most of the images contained on this blog will not be retouched or overly corrected with photoshop. I am not anti-photoshop at all.  I am just working on my craft and my goal is to try and capture the subjects of my photography correctly, the first time. It goes back to traditional film - little room for error back then.  However, maybe you are perusing the site and you see a photo that needs to be in your home, office or your next fb cover. Images selected by you, from my site will be the best version of that image possible, even if I have to get photoshop involved.  

This space will be used as a collection of the things that I come across in the world.  It will include the randomness of my thoughts and feelings.  It will include the images that I will capture during my travels. Hopefully those images will make you feel something.  My blog may be funny sometimes and sad on occasion. It really just depends on how I am feeling that day.  What it will always be is honest.     

That's all I got.     

Anything else you want to know about me...Just ask.


  -Nisha M.